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What is Supreme Osmosis?

We have developed a next-level technology that is based on the Reverse Osmosis tech - but adapts itself to the quality of your specific water.

Reverse Osmosis is a common membrane type. However, RO is not always ideal. Sometimes, the quality of the water is relatively good - and only the metals and viruses need to be removed as (for example) there are no antibiotics present. Different types of water require different types of membranes (RO, Nano, Ultra). Beforehand it is difficult to estimate the quality of the water, hence, what type of membrane is desirable. Moreover, the quality of the water can change. 

Therefore we have developed the Supreme Osmosis tech. Because all water is different.  
With our Supreme Osmosis, there is no need for different membranes anymore. To optimize the filtration process, the intelligent membrane can be adjusted to the unique composition of your water. It puts all the power on specific pollution of your water - while leaving everything else alone. 

This unique technology is both available in the Aquablu One and the Aquablu Pro