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I go on holiday! What happens if I don't use my purifier for a while?

Thanks to our self-cleaning technology, the Aquablu purifier will stay clear from bacteria growth.

If an RO system produces water, it separates clean and 'dirty' wastewater. The wastewater automatically flushes away but sticks around the membrane. If you don't use the system for over 3 days, bacteria and viruses can originate in the stagnant water.  The membrane clogs up and the contamination grows like moss in the system. If this happens, the system becomes a source of filth and that is exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve with a purification system! 

Therefore, our intelligent system cleanes itself every 24 hours. Clean water is flushed automatically every day and rinses itself from all that dirt. Even if you have been on holiday for 2 weeks,  the membrane will be filled with pure water. As we cannot flush the water that is standing still from the purifier to the tap, we always recommend to let the water flow for 10-20 seconds after a long periode of non-usage.  

Please be aware that the purifier should be connected to a water & electricity supply at all times. When this is not possible, please visit check our article "how to prepare my purifier for (winter) storage"