Product Review: Soft Shield Elite Water Softener

What our clients are saying about the Soft Shield Elite.

We are a customer-first company and we think it's important that our customers are as happy using our products as we are creating them. 

Chris Bresser (EN) wrote: "Great product, great service"

Rebecca H. (NL) wrote: "Easy to install"

English translation: 

"Installation of the Soft Shield Elite much easier than I had anticipated. A pity that I have used a plumber to install it for me. We could have saved money doing it ourselves."


Patrick Schalken (NL) wrote: "Soft Shield Elite"

English translation:

"The installation of the Soft Shield Elite has been very easy.  After installation, you directly taste the difference in quality. Also, my Koi fish are happy with the soft water; their colours shine like never before! Very happy! "

Van Der Kwaak (NL) wrote: "Soft Shield Elite"

English translation: 

"After installation of the Soft Shield Elite we directly recognized the difference in both the taste of the water as the removal of scale after the shower"


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