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Is it safe to use tap water for baby bottles?

Should I be mixing my child's formula with tap water? The short answer is no.


Tip: save time when preparing your child's formula and purify tap water

When preparing baby formula, it is important to mix it correctly with safe drinking water. The WHO has issued guidelines for safe preparation, storage and handling of powdered infant formula. They recommend boiling the water - even if it is bottled water. Then, let the water cool (for 30 minutes) and pour it into a cleaned and sterilized bottle. Boiling the water can be a timeconsuming job, especially when done over 4 times a day. 

While most tap water is safe, there are three main chemical concerns in using water for babies: the presence of fluoride, lead & nitrates. It heavily depends on your location how present these contaminants are. For example, the allowed level of lead and chlorine in New York is legally higher than is desirable for the health of babies. 

To save time and to be secure that the water you use is 100% contaminant-free, an Aquablu One can be installed in your kitchen. Thanks to the 'quality guard'  technology no water is dispensed unless the water is 100% secure to use for baby bottles, without the hassle of boiling it.