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Is it difficult to install the Aquablu One?

It depends on the kitchen where the system is placed. Overall, all our systems are designed to be "plug & play".

Kitchen Faucet:

Every kitchen is different. If you prefer to use the Aquablu Single-Faucet that is supplied in the standard kit, you will need to drill an extra hole in your kitchen counter. 

If you swap your current kitchen faucet with our three-way tap, you do not need to drill a separate hole. This makes the installation much easier. 

Undersink Installation:

The Aquablu One has three water out/inlets. 

  1. The incoming feed water
    By installing a Y-splitter, you will be able to transport cold water to your kitchen tap, as well as your Aquablu purifier
  2. Rejected water
    During the purification process, all contaminants are flushed away. This requires a connection between the purifier and the drainage of the sink
  3. Purified water
    The water that flows to your purified kitchen tap. No additional connections are needed


The Aquablu One requires a 220-volt connection

Pre Filtration:

Between the incoming water supply, you need to install the pre-filter set. This set can be mounted on the Aquablu One or at the sidewall of the kitchen cabinet. No extra pipes are needed.


The mineral cartridge can be placed between the purifier and the faucet. To install the mineral cartridge, no additional piping is needed.

Downloading the Manual:

Click here to download the Aquablu One Manual