I live with 4 people. Is the Soft Shield Elite sufficient for my home?

With a production of 2280 liter an hour, the Soft Shield Elite is commonly sufficient for households up to 4 people. Check your water usage here:

The Soft Shield Elite has a production volume of 2280 liters/hour. This gives a production flow rate of 38 liters a minute. Whether this is sufficient enough for your home depends primarily on the number of water outlets you have in your home (and how much water they demand).  To give you an idea about the water usage of your water outlets, we have crafted the following list:

Shower (average): 6 liters/minute

The average shower has a flow rate of 6-7 liters/minute. This means that the Soft Shield Elite production rate provides up to 5 showers with softened water until the production efficiency decreases. 

Shower (rainshower): 15 liters/minute

The average rainshower uses 2-2.5 times as much water as a regular shower. 

Faucet: 10 liters/minute 

The average faucet without any water-saving add-ons has a flow rate of 10 liters a minute. 

Toilet: 10 liters/flush

The average toilet flush uses 10 liters. 


To check whether the soft shield elite is sufficient, simply add your expected water usage points and their flow rate given in the list above. Please note that the system does allow a higher flow, but the capacity decreases during these peak moments. If you commonly expected the soft shield elite to reach its production capacity, we recommend using the Soft Shield 60.