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How is Aquablu different from other Reverse Osmosis purification providers?

Aquablu uses Supreme Osmosis, a technology superior to Reverse Osmosis. As all water is different, we offer a tailored water solution.

We use technology that is called Supreme Osmosis. This does everything that Reverse Osmosis does, but more. Let us explain.

All water is different. With our Supreme Osmosis technology, there’s no need for different membranes anymore. To optimize the filtration process, the intelligent membrane can be adjusted to the unique composition of your water. It puts all power on the specific pollution of your water - while leaving everything else alone.

So, how the Aquablu systems are different? 

  1. The quality of the produced drinking water is guarded by our unique Quality Control technology, ensuring no water leaves the system when the quality cannot be guaranteed. Our App provides our customers insight into the quality of their drinking water and the technical status of their system.
  2. Aquablu’s special membranes are able to take out all harmful contaminants while optimizing flow and efficiency.
  3. Our systems are designed for places where space is limited, making the Aquablu One the most compact unit in the water industry.
  4. Using our Ph balancing technique, we are able to remineralize water at a steady Ph level of 8.5 or higher

For more info on our technology, visit our technology page here