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A quick guide to replacing your Aquablu One pre-filter

Replacing your pre-filters is easier than it looks. Just remind to turn off the water supply.

Do not forget to turn off your water supply before making any filter replacements. 

Duo filter 1


  1. Close the water supply tap
  2. Open vent valve to release water pressure
  3. Undo clamping ring of filter canister 


  1. Remove clamping ring
  2. Remove filter canister
  3. Remove old filter
  4. Discard old filter 


Duo filter 2


  1.  Get new filters
  2. Insert correct filters in the canister
  3. Push canister against filter body
  4. Turn clamping ring on the filter body 


  1. Tighten clamping ring
  2. Close vent valve
  3. Open water supply tap


Your system is ready to go!