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Changing the mineral cartridge: How can I remove the "Replace Filter" sign in the App?

The "replace filter" sign means your mineral cartridge should be replaced. To replace and reset the mineral cartridge please proceed with the following steps:

To ensure the mineral cartridge is replaced in the proper interval, both the Aquablu One and Aquablu Pro contain a "mineral counter". This counter checks when you need to replace your mineral cartridge. 

To replace and reset the mineral cartridge complete the following steps: 

    1. Disconnect the power supply.

    2. Open the faucet until the water stops flowing.

    3. Click out the existing mineral cartridge replace it with the new cartridge. Be aware some

      water may come out.

    4. Check if the tap is still open.

    5. Connect the power supply again. The system will directly perform a flush.

    6. To reset the mineral counter in the machine, please click the black button at the back of the machine, 3 times within 1 second.

    7. Let the faucet run for 2 minutes then close the faucet.

Your mineral counter is reset to 9000 liters and your minerals replaced!

Quick reset (without replacing the mineral cartridge):

  1. Open the tap to ensure the system is in production mode
  2. Press the reset button at the back of the machine three times in a row (within 1 second)
  3. Close the faucet.
By closing the faucet, the system saves your action. You can scan the system and see the sign has been removed.