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Can bacteria grow in my water purifier?

Depending on your purifiers set up, bacteria could grow in Reverse Osmosis water purifiers.

Spoiler: Not with Aquablu

Whenever a reverse osmosis system is not cleaned and sanitized regularly, there could be a potential risk of bacterial or mold growth in the holding tank and on the membrane. This is a big risk related to purifiers that work with tanks. Even if the water in the tank is pure, bacteria growth can still occur.  To remove these bacteria, tanks are often sanitized with chemicals in order to keep them clean. 

At Aquablu, we don' t take any chances with bacteria. Our system performs the following sequences to keep itself 100% clean:

  • Automatic backflush
    Our intelligent membrane knows when it's time to clean itself. Every eight hours, it performs a backflush that will ensure the membrane is constantly surrounded with pure water
  • High flow - No tanks needed
    All our systems are based on direct flow. Thanks to our high capacity water flow, you can fill your glass within seconds without having to use a tank in between. Apart from bacteria, these tanks take up precious cabinet space.
  • Quality Control
    The system will not dispense water if the quality is below our parameters

Important to note is that our purifiers need to be connected to perform these regular backflushes. If you want to store your purifier for winter storage (on your boat or motor home), please our article: "How to prepare your purifier for (winter) storage