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A quick guide to replacing your Aquablu Pro membrane

Once every two / three years, the membrane needs to be replaced. We have created a quick replacement guide.

When removing the Aquablu Pro membranes, please remind to turn off the mains water supply and disconnect the system from the power supply



  1. Close the water supply tap
  2. Disconnect the electricity 
  3. Detach the membrane cover and grab the filter tool 
  4. Unscrew the locking disk by moving the tool anti-clockwise 
  5. Turn the locking disk anti-clockwise
  6. Pull out the pressure cap



  1. Grab the one membrane using the pulling tool 
  2. Take the membrane out by pulling and turning consecutively
  3. Remove the membrane and repeat until all membranes are removed
  4. Throw away the membranes



Before inserting the membrane, be aware that the O-rings are in the right position!

  1. Grab the new filter and remove the protective cover
  2. Insert the membrane into the system
  3. Place the pressure cap on top of the membrane
  4. Insert the locking disk and turn it clockwise
  5. Place the screw and turn it clockwise to lock the disk 



  1. Place the filter tool in the filter cover 
  2. Place the cover on the membrane housing
  3. To lock the cover, please turn it clockwise
  4. Open the water supply

You can now initiate the commissioning start 

Commissioning start: 

  1. Open the tap 
  2. While pressing down the reset button, insert the plug into the electricity socket