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10 Step guide to installing the Aquablu One

Our systems are designed to be plug & play. A quick installation guide in just 10 steps.

If you do not feel comfortable installing the system yourself, please contact a plumber or official Aquablu service partner.

Aantekening 2020-07-08 171154

  1. Unbox your Aquablu purifier and close of the mains water supply.
  2. Place the Y splitter at the water entry point in your kitchen cabinet. Please be aware to use the cold water supply
  3. Unbox the pre-filter set and remove the plastics. Place the pre-filters in the pre-filter housing correctly. The water should enter the carbon filter before the micron filter (white filter)
  4. Place the pre-filter housing at a convenient location in your cabinet.
  5. Place the Aquablu One in your cabinet.
  6. Place the Mineral booster in your kitchen cabinet. 
  7. (Re) place your 3-way faucet or drill a new hole for the Led Faucet.
  8. Connect the following:
    1. Connect the Feedwater line to the pre-filter
    2. Connect the Pre-filters to the purifier
    3. Connect the Purifier to the Mineral cartridge using the 1/4 push-in tube
    4. Connect the Mineral Cartridge to the faucet
    5. Connect the Reject water outlet to a drain
    6. Optional: Connect the electrical output of the faucet to the purifier
  9. Check if everything is properly connected. If so, you can open the water supply. 
  10. Perform a commissioning start & wait for the system to prepare itself!